October 17, 2020

Look how happy people get when they get to spend time together with their BFFs.

The bearded rascal is me and the cutie with the missing tooth is Gracen. She and I first met for her one year old birthday portrait session. As you might imagine, we got on famously.

In all actuality, she’s the granddaughter of Kathleen, one of our best friends. In fact, the reason we had a photo op was because we went out to a birthday dinner for Kath. Rather than taking my usual seat next to Misty, Gracen insisted I sit next to her. That’s the sign of a true BFF.

On the positive side, it enabled Misty to get this shot of us, which I adore. Instant classic in my book. Thanks Kath for the birthday happenings. Thanks Victoria, Kath’s wife, for the invite. Thanks Misty for the photo.

And most of all, thanks Gracen for my BFF time.

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