October 6, 2020

So this happened.

Details are sketchy because it just happened but the gist of it is that Misty heard some fireworks-like pops but she knew what they really were.

It happened in the next block, but it only took a few steps to start smelling gunpowder. As far as we know from witnesses, one male was hit.

As the police arrived, more shots from another direction rang out. Some of the officers that arrived at the first site, took off in the direction of the new sonic booms.

You won’t see this on the news or read it in the paper, I’m guessing. Louisville likes to hide unrest when it’s in Old Louisville and I’ve never known why. I’d ask Greg Fischer or Daniel Cameron, but we know how much they like to talk or fix problems. As in, not at all.


We got four paragraphs, with no actual information, from WDRB.

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